nil sen la

Ni/l Se/ ina La/ (Ni/l Se/'n La/)
A popular drinking song, recorded by Clannad on "Clannad in Concert"

Chuaigh me/ isteach i dteach are/ir
is d'iarr me/ cairde ar mhnaoi an leanna.
Is e/ du/irt si/ liom "Ni/ bhfaighidh tu/ deor.
Buail an bo/thar is gabh abhaile."

Ni/l se/ ina la/, ni/l a ghra/,
ni/l se/ ina la/ is ni/ bheidh go maidin,
ni/l se/ ina la/ is ni/ bheidh go fo/ill,
solas ard ata/ sa ghealaigh.

Chuir me/ fe/in mo la/mh i mo pho/ca
is d'iarr me/ briseadh scillinge uirthi.
Is e/ du/irt si/ liom "Suigh si/os ag bord
is bi/ ag o/l anseo go maidin."


"E/irigh i do shui/, a fhear an ti/,
cuir ort do bhri/sti/ is do hata
go gcoinne tu/ ceol leis an duine co/ir
a bheas ag o/l anseo go maidin."


Nach mise fe/in an fear gan che/ill
a d'fha/g mo chi/os in mo scornaigh?
D'fha/g me/ le/an orm fe/in
is d'fha/g me/ se/an ar dhaoine eile.

Rough translation from Ron Burns
I went into a tavern, and the barkeep, (the woman of the house, I
think) doesn't much care for the look of me. I look like I've got
no money on me. She tells me to hit the road (literally!).

I put my hand into my pocket, I asked if she could break (make change
for) a shilling. She said to me "Sit down at the table, you'll be
drinking here 'till morning." (funny how their tune changes when they
see you've got money, no?)

Then she rouses the man of the house, tells him to get up, put his
trousers and hat on, and go out and find a musician to entertain this
guy, so he'll stay here drinking until morning.

The last verse I'm even less sure about a non-literal translation, but
it's something on the order of "Was I the man without sense(reason?)
to leave my money when I'd been scorned? I left woefully, I left a
sign to other people."



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