lord nelson

(Tommy Makem)

Lord Nelson stood in pompous state,upon his pillar high
And down along O'Connell Street he casta wicked eye
He thought how this barbaric race had fought the British Crown
Yet they were content to let him stay right there in Dublin town!

CHORUS: So remember Brave Lord Nelson, boys,
He has never known defeat
And for his reward they stuck him up
In the middle of O'Connell Street!

For many years, Lord Nelson stood, and no one seemed to care
He would squint at Dan O'Connell who was standin right down there
He thought the Irish love me or they wouldnt let me stay,
All except that band of blighters that they call the IRA!

And then in nineteen sixty six, on March the seventh day,
A bloody great explosion made Lord Nelson rock and sway!
He crashed, and Dan O'Connell cried,in woeful misery
Now twice as many pigeons will come and shit on me!

CHORUS (final) So remember brave Lord Nelson,boys,
He has never known defeat!
And for his reward they blew him up
In the middle of O'Connell Street!

copyright 1967, 1969 Tiparm Music


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