a fenian song

A Fenian Song
1. The Queen's Own Regiment was their name;
From fair Toronto town they came
To put the Irish all to shame -
The Queen's and Colonel Boker!

2. What fury fills each loyal mind!
No volunteer would stay behind.
They flung their red rag to the wind -
"Hurrah, my boys!" said Boker.

3. Now helter skelter Ohio,
See how they play that "heel and toe"!
See how they run from their Irish foe -
The Queen's and Colonel Boker!

From Penguin Book of Canadian Folk Songs, Fowke
Note: In 1866, some 1200 Fenian troops, mostly from Meagher's
Irish Brigade, invaded Canada, crossing at Buffalo. The first
Loyalist resistance came from the Queen's Own Rifles, a Toronto-
garrisoned force consisting largely of young college gentlemen,
and led by Colonel Alfred Booker. The Loyalists were routed, in
one of the Fenian's only victories.
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