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Feet of flames, 1998, 2000

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Lord of the Dance, 1996

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We think that we have to say something about our site, because probably you don't know Russian language. Few years ago in our country in effect not there was anything known about the Irish dances and Michael Flatley. We mean, there was not general enthusiasm for Irish dance. There were some Russian-language web-sites about Celtic culture and Irish dance and none of Michael Flatley. So our site was the first and now it's the only one at RuNet too. Honestly speaking, now we are proud by the fact that we have exclusives at our site - namely Russian events. Indeed earlier we used only conversion materials - in Russia anywhere anything could not be found about Michael. So we made translate + our imagination + our impressions. It was one and a half years ago and we never thought our project will be so successful! So that's why we are proud too, of course and want to thanks each taken separately from you for your kind and warm words about our project.

At our site we have many sections. Also there is an exclusive part named "Events".  Also we have an unconditional exclusive - absolutely all Russian press about Mr.Flatley and his shows not only from Moscow, but press from regions of Russia.

For translation other web-pages from Russian into English you can use following link.


05/12/05 Yesterday in Holland took place  Irish dance championship - Feis. And for the first time Russian dancers of irish dance took part in this championship! And they are winners now!!!! As a result - FIVE bowls and MORE than 30 rewards!!! "Oh, those Russians!"- says audience and bench:)CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Story of  ex-dancer  of  "Lord Of The Dance" and  "Feet of Flames" shows Dearbhla Lennon is here...

Michael Flatley at "IRIDAN". June 2003

Wednesday almost meets Michael Flatley at London...

Michael Flatley at "IRIDAN". September 2002

LOTD at Moscow and St.Petersburg. October 2002.

Our interview with M. Flatley at IRIDAN. September 2002.

Our interview with "IRIDAN"'s chief - Igor Denisov

Our interview with "Lege Artis" chief Polina Men'shih

Here you can find the scan of a ticket for LOTD at Kiev 2002

Scans of Moscow and St. Petersburg tickets for LOTD. 2002.

Some fun photos of famous "LOTD pose":)

Irish America Magazine. Michael Flatley is Man Of The Year!

Irish Dance Festival. Moscow. The 9th of March 2003.

Wonderful portraits of Michael Flatley by Laurence Fontaine

15/01/06. Today is our site Birthday! We are 4 y. o now!:)))

09/01/06 Voting "The best track from CD  "Celtic Tiger" will help us to know about your tastes. You can take part in voting here after very simple registration (in English)! Your comments will be interesting:) Thank you!

08/01/06 Free avatars with Michael and his dancers (made by me) are  here!

01/01/06 Super  scans!
Story board of first 9 dance items of "Celtic Tiger" is here!

27/12/05 Detailed review to the soundtrack "Celtic Tiger" is here!

now we have DVD Celtic Tiger! All about the show and the Michael's words in BONUSes to DVD you can read  here.

2 articles about show  "Celtic Tiger" and Michael Flatley  here... 


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